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RMS mountain biking club in the forest

Gate Fees- RMS Gate fees for games

RMS Student: free with RMS ID
RMS Student: $2 without RMS ID
Adult: $3.00
Senior Citizen: $2.00
Family: $7.00


RMS Athletics & Activities

Photo of School Board members as of November 2023
Theresa Hamilton

Garfield Re-2 School District student enrollment continues to increase, despite the State seeing the lowest overall PK-12 enrollment levels since 2013.

The District added 124 students or 2.66% over last year, continuing a steady increase in students following the 2020-21 low of 4,526 as the nation emerged from COVID restrictions and online learning. According to the Colorado Department of Education, Garfield Re-2 is one of 65 Districts reporting flat or increased student enrollment.

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Swashbuckling fencers descend upon Rifle High School
Theresa Hamilton

The art of fencing has often served as a dance of steel and strategy, captivating audiences on the silver screen for generations. From the swashbuckling duels of Errol Flynn in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" to the high-stakes clashes of Inigo Montoya and the Dread Pirate Roberts in "The Princess Bride,"  audiences have been thrilled with powerful moments of swordplay that have left us longing for adventure. Beyond the dazzling choreography and dramatic flair seen on television and in the movies, fencing is a sport steeped in tradition, technique, and a rich history that extends far beyond the realm of make-believe. 

Rifle High School may seem a pedestrian venue for such climatic efforts, but last weekend, fencers from around the state and region clashed their foils and épées as RHS hosted a small, regional fencing tournament. 

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Rifle MIddle school PALS program with their food drive collections
Theresa Hamilton

Rifle Middle School students marched out of their school on Thursday afternoon like a colony of working ants, each carrying a hefty box of hope for their community.

Piling over 35 boxes of food collected for Lift-UP, the Rifle Middle School PALS program takes pride in serving not only their school, but their community as well.

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Jessica Wilson

Athletic Director